Michelangelo’s Pizzeria is a simple yet complex American Rock & Roll Wood Fire Pizzeria.  A true “neighborhood” joint where families and friends can come and and enjoy fresh great food, rockin music and good times, a place where you can literally kick back, get loud and let your inner self out.  


All the items on our menu are made by hand, by us (nothing is made by another company). From the pizza dough and sauce, to the salad dressings, pasta sauces, appetizers, desserts or well just everything is made by our own hands in house.  We use the freshest of vegetables brought in twice a week from a farm in Cameron Highlands, cheeses imported from Australia, New Zealand, Italy and the US.  Most of our items from Extra Virgin Olive Oils, tomato paste, tomato puree, capers, anchovies, milk, butter, flours, seasonings, ice creams, tuna, etc are imported from the US, Spain, Italy and Australia. Every recipe is created by the owners of the Pizzeria and recently a few by one of our Managers.  Every recipe has to meet the exacting standards of our owners and be something they themselves would be proud to buy at a restaurant in the US if served.  Every item on the menu has been carefully thought out, thoughtfully tested and retested and added because of its overall appeal in taste.  No item on the menu has ever or will ever be added just to be a filler.  We strongly believe every single item even down to our bread sticks needs to be exemplary and stand on its own.


Michelangelo’s Pizzeria was designed to be a place where you can literally drop your worries outside and relax and have fun.  Our music is always of a rockin nature, be it classic rock, retro 80’s or bar rockin blues.  Music is meant to be listened to and felt and we at Michelangelo’s Pizzeria feel if you want to jump on top of the counter and dance for dance for a possible free pizza, then do so.  We do play the music louder than many other local places and while there might be the occasional customer who would we tone it down some, the majority have no only enjoyed it but come to expect it.  This is a place to hang loose, unwind, to chill, to get loud, to have and experience and not just grab a bite to eat.  This is “your” place where you can come and just get crazy a bit while enjoying the best in American pizzas.